Monday, January 14, 2013

Becoming Better

Happy 2013!  I have not forgotten about this blog, believe me, it's been on my "wish list" of things to do so I'm making it a priority again.  I have been thinking about so many topics so I'm excited to get busy writing again!

I would like to start this post by thanking you for reading my blog!  It's fun to see I now have over 1200 page views since I started this, but at the end of the day, I don't mind if I only have one.  What I really love is to see from your comments or emails is that you can relate to my posts or they have inspired you or impacted you in a positive way.  I have truly believed from the first post I wrote that these are not my words, but words of the Holy Spirit using me a vessel to reach others seeking God's word.  Before I start writing, I sit and pray and ask God to send the Holy Spirit to speak through me, words that someone needs to read and has been waiting to hear for whatever reason.  So, if this happens to you, I'd love to hear about it!  I love to see how God is working among us and through us.

With the start of a new year I think it's natural to do a little analyzing of our lives and see what we like, what we don't, what we want to change and what we want to keep doing.  I thought I'd share a few things I've decided to do. 

1)  I'm keeping a journal on my night stand and every night before I go to bed, I write down at least 3 things (people, events, moments, challenges, unanswered prayers, etc) I'm thankful for or that have brought me true joy.  As a busy mom, it's easy to focus on the frustration, lack of time, chores left undone, etc that we experience every day.  I'm going to challenge myself to find things to be thankful for each and every day.  I'm excited to look back in a few months and see the ways God is working in my life that I haven't even realized before!

2)  I'm going to finish reading the book The Five Love Languages of Children (that I started a few months ago!).  I have read The Five Love Languages and I recommend it to everyone!  It's especially helpful for married couples.  I want to really understand what makes my children feel loved.  To assume all children feel loved in the same way is not fair.  I might be doing things that I think make my children feel loved, but I may be missing the mark!  The next step I'm committed to is doing more of those things to make my children feel completely loved at all times, even through discipline.  They hear me say I love you all the time, but I want to make sure they are feeling it too.

3)  When God puts someone on my heart to pray for, I'm going to let them know.  I don't need to know what's going on in their life that needs prayer, but I am going to let them know that I'm praying for them because God has asked me to.  This happened this past year a couple times and I didn't tell the people, I just prayed for them.  With one person I was praying for, a couple days later, they had to put their dog to sleep.  God knows who needs our prayers so just ask him!

These are just a few things I'm focusing on in the next year that I hope will make me a better mom, wife, friend and a more thankful servant of God's.  I'm sure more things will come up that I want to do, but I'll start here.  The great thing is we don't have to wait a whole year to start something new.  We can start new with each new day.  God has given us the gift of a fresh start, every 24 hours, so let's take advantage of it!

God Bless!

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